Friday, March 15, 2013

Crocheting Work In Progress and Finished Products

          I will periodically post what crochet projects that I have done whether they are works in progress or actually finished projects.  I want to share with everyone every aspect of my crafty side.  I believe that this will help us get to know each other as well as giving you an inside look at how I do what I do and love.  Now I feel like I need to put a DISCLAIMER in here.  I have not gained the experience to make my own patterns yet so, therefore, if I use a pattern from someone in regards to a finished product or WIP, I will give credit to that person as well as put a link to where I got the pattern from.  I believe that people deserve credit for the things that they have made and worked so hard for.  

         If anyone would like me to post on a particular topic, please feel free to comment below.   I hope everyone is having a great day and until next time STAY TUNED!  



  1. Hello Lindsay! It's great that you share your works and results! Good luck in the your activity!

  2. Hi lindsay I gave you an award! Come and visit my blog!