I Won An Award!

I Won an Award!

 Jei Crochet gave me this award. I want to thank her for giving this Liebster award. I am hoping that I will have more awards to come. Thank you again.

1. What motivated you to start a blog?  To be able to share with others my passion for crafts.
2 . Knitter or Crocheter? Both, but mostly Crocheter.
3. What are your goals in life? To help others more, and think of myself less.
4. What is your favorite food? Pizza
5. Boxer or Brief? Brief
6. What is your favorite movie?  The Hangover
7. Who is your favorite actor?   Ann Hathaway
8. Yarn or thread?  Yarn
9. Do you consider yourself an artist? No
10. Are you a morning person?  No
11. Where are you from?  New Mexico

Here are the 11 questions I am asking:

1.  Knitter, Crocheter, or other?  If Other, what?
2.  Where are you from?
3.  Dog or Cat?
4.  What crafts are you interested in?
5.  What other hobbies do you have?
6.  What motivated you to start blogging?
7.  Do you like to play online games of any sort?  If so what kind?
8.  Pants or skirts?
9.  Yarn or Thread?
10.  Do you feel connected with DAY or NIGHT more?
11.  What type of patterns do you like to make things with?

Rules of this award
1.   Acknowledge the person / blog that gave you the award , in addition follow the blog of the person that gave you the award.
2.  Answer the 11 questions of the person that gave you the awards
3.  Grant the award to eleven blogs that you like,  just starting or have less than 200 followers.
4.  Develop eleven new questions for / bloggers you reward.
5.  Award Report to each of the winners.
6.  Visit the blogs that have been awarded along with yours.
7.  Lest you break the chain, avoid sending the award back to the blog that awarded you.                                 


  1. Thanks so much! It makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying my blog :)

    1. Your welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog as well!

  2. thank you so much i am so happy for this

  3. Wow thank you very much Lindsay so sweet of you x

    1. Hi me again just to say I've mentioned you in my latest post x

    2. Thanks so much! I am glad you like it!